portsmouth poetry  From A Borrowed Biro

From A Borrowed Biro

Clive james


We 'use' poetry whenever we need words.
When we need beauty and clarity, when we fall in love, at a wedding or christening, for a eulogy; we 'borrow' from poets.

"Have You Got A Biro I Can Borrow?" is a poem written in the 1970's by author, critic, broadcaster, memoirist, translator and poet Clive James and set to music by his friend and collaborator, Pete Atkin. 

Clive has generously given permission for his words to be used as the concept for our plans for a poetry in Portsmouth.

The Arts Council has awarded Portsmouth Poetry a grant of £6,000 to fund "The Angels Cry" at Portsmouth Cathedral June 20th as part of Portsmouth Festivities 2017

Produced with New Theatre Royal, this performance uses poetry, projected images, music and dance to examine the Battle of Passchendaele during WW1, "Shell Shock" (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the famous meeting at Craiglockart Hospital between "War Poets" Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.

The support and endorsement of ACE enables Portsmouth Poetry to present a rare and moving acknowledgement of the suffering endured in WW1 and the powerful role poetry played in the conflict
Portsmouth Festivities is an established part of the cultural calendar in the city.

For 10 days in June, the Festivities packs the city's unique venues with

the very best of Portsmouth, bringing its rich heritage and thriving cultural scene to the forefront and broadening participation in artistic and cultural activities which capture imaginations, celebrate diversity and reflect the heritage value of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Poetry is proud to be a Festivities Creative Partner.
Portsmouth Poetry is the proud recipient of a £10,000 award under the Heritage Lottery Fund 'World War 1 then and now' programme. Designed to enhance awareness of local 'Great War' heritage, this award enables Portsmouth Poetry to research the lives and experiences of local people who participated in the terrible Battle of Passchendaele (July-November 1917). This research will form a free local archive, an exhibition as a part of Festivities 2017 and a schools project for 11-14 year old pupils.
Portsmouth Poetry is proud to be supported by Heritage Lottery Fund in this important project.
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